NASA x Thank You Skate Co

To raise awareness for NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter first flight, Torey Pudwill and philanthropic-focused Thank You Skate Co ventured out on their own mission to Mars.

Will Ingenuity find skate spots on Mars?

That was Antimatter’s first question.  We asked Torey if he wanted to explore Utah’s Moab desert in search for skate spots that might look like the skate spots NASA’s Ingenuity might find on it’s first flight of the red planet.  Thumbs up.

With him on board, Antimatter CEO Erik Bragg called Jonathan Mehring, author of Natgeo’s Skate the World to shoot photos.

NASA posted our video on the day of Ingenuity’s first flight and it got over 2 Million plays in the first 24 hours.  Mission accomplished.

Torey Pudwill for Nasa Thank You Skate Co Kickflip Mars Moab Jonathan Mehring

Neckface x Fairdale Bikes Commercial

Behind the Scenes: Neckface x Fairdale Bikes Commercial

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Antimatter Media CEO Erik Bragg grew up in Southern California, skateboarding and acting in films.  Erik studied math and engineering, before leaving college to pursue his desire in film. His wild enthusiasm, artistic vision, and unstoppable drive, led him to his career in directing and developing some of skateboarding’s most innovative, anticipated films and standout commercial campaigns. Erik’s passion for skateboarding, extreme adventure, muscle cars, traveling the globe, cultural immersion, and finding humor in everything, inspires each production Antimatter touches.  

He feeds his insatiable curiosity for life and infectious work-hard-play-hard ethic by skateboarding, long-distance cycling, transcendental meditation, and exploring the world & immersing himself in other cultures to inspire creativity. 

Antimatter concentrates on building relationships, with a broad variety of clients, by establishing and maintaining trust and understanding. We’ve had incredible opportunities working with a diverse range of industries from start-ups to the biggest names in global media. 

Antimatter offers one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns that stand out amongst competitors. We achieve this by strategizing with you to establish, communicate, and optimize your brand’s identity. Our goal at Antimatter is to entertain your target demographic with memorable messages that secure brand loyalty beyond curiosity. 

Don’t have a concept? Don’t need one. Let’s have some fun! 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein 

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